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Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Eid To All…

Hello peopless !!!!!!!

Okay,  so this is my first post..

First let me start of by thanking Ahmed  for letting me be a part of his ‘organization’.. I could be generous and heap praise on him and kiss up, but let’s face it..

I AM AWESOME!! I mean Ahmed wanted me on his team due to my above par skills, so you better start smelling the breeze of change, like I can…. or maybe that’s just the spicy chicken my mom’s cooking right now!

But getting to the topic….you know what I’m talking about right……no?….sure??? okay, I’ll give u a hint:  It comes around for Muslims and its the backwards for diE….u get it?

No!!! Its not Hanukah !!

It’s Eid!!! The wonderful time for Muslims all over the world, where they meet, greet, eat and then sleep 😀

So what is so special about it? Well i could go on a long boring monologue about that, or i could simply say:  “It’s not so much about God, then it is a time to live!”

That’s the whole point of Eid and that is man (and by this I mean human) has life and the chance to improve it by being  ‘good, spiritual (which can differ from person to person) and in harmony with oneself’, meaning you have no guilt over your actions, you can be proud of your faith and understand your own existence & the significance behind it.  Therefore, I believe its purpose serves not ony Muslims, but any body out there in our beautiful world. So to all my dudes and dudettes out there, dont use this precious event to just hang out with ‘your crew’, but take a break on this one day, embrace your family, be thankful for all that is good and create a purpose to live your life even better.

And for those you who are living with any kind of problem: Let us take a moment and pray to our Supreme Being that may they have a better life. So to you, my dear friend, who has suffered a loss, “I know your pain is unbearable, but remember that you will always, I repeat, ALWAYS find some thing in your life that’ll make it all worth living again, so don’t end hope beforehand 🙂 ”

So again..Eid Mubarak. And remember:

‘To hurt is to feel, to feel is to be human. So if you’re a human, how can you not smile !! :D’

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