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A Fallen Angel

I am going to establish one fact right now:

I love the Guitar!

I mean i am absolutely stalker-ish, hide-behind-the-tree type in love with it. But to my ears, it’s not limited to only one type of genre. I follow lots of them, and by lots, i mean tons. And I can tell you i have heard that instrument being played by many indivisuals over a long, and versatile period. But I only am an avid fan of those ‘guitarist’ who played their worth over a long time with consistency.

So imagine my surprise when I was going through my friend’s album collection and i ran across a cd called Perpetual Burn. I liked the cover so I borrowed it from my friend and later that night, I plugged it into my drive and turned up my speakers. The sound that came from them, was not of a guitar, but of life. The life that i finally understand!

The genius behind this cd was a boy named Jason Becker, who at the time was only 17 when he recorded this instrumental album. Just the opener got me obsessed. I followed this guy’s life and I came to a conclusion: Jason Becker may not be THE best guitarist in the world, but he is the MOST inspirational!

Why you ask? Well his story goes back to when he turned 20 and he got the part of lead guitarist in David Lee Roth’s band (He is the famous singer for Van Halen) and then one week later he went to a doctor for a check-up and the doctor, after much extensive tests came to the result: Jason Becker was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)


Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This meant that he would eventually lose control over his bodily functions and die within 5 years. But that man defied the odds. Almost 2 decades  later, he is still alive, breathing, kicking and continuously making music, despite the loss of his ability to move any part of body, besides his neck, eyes and jaw. He composes it through his own self-created sign language.

If that alone does not make you respect the man, you should see this video of the legend in order to understand, just what kind of ability he lost and how much of an optimistc person he is that he still contunes to thrive on happiness.

So therefore Jason Becker……………YOU DEFINE THE DEFINITION OF HOPE !!!

And for you to get hooked onto this legend:

Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn

1. Altitudes
2. Perpetual Burn
3. Mables Fatal Fable
4. Air
5. Temple Of The Absurd
6. Eleven Blue Egyptians
7. Dweller In The Cellar
8. Opus Pocus


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