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State of the Union Address, eh?

What’s his name. Our Prime Minister… ah! Stephen Harper. For the first time in Canadian history, the Prime Minister of Canada asked the television networks to take time out to air his little tape, to talk to the people. Well, Harper seems to have finally come out of his hermit hole, or at least almost. He just went bickering on and on about his party’s plans for the economy, which is all good.

I just found this as a biiiig high time in Canadian history, that we have just had something so similar to the State of the Union Address Americans regularly get from their Presidents. I’m just wondering what the Canadian name for the Address will be.

All jokes aside, it was good to see. Harper chose his words very carefully and gave a strong pitch to Canadians all over. Implying greatly that a coalition government should not happen as the people choose their government. Too bad for him, even though it was late, Stephane Dion’s tape soon arrived. Dion talked to Canadians about how the coalition government should happen because the Conservatives have lost the Confidence of the House. It seems Dion’s tape was hurried on a webcam and sent packing. His words were, well, he was fighting to make sure people could understand his Frenchie-English. But, Dion made some strong points too; on par with Harper.

And… following that were Gille Duceppe’s words on the coalition, and as well as Jack Layton’s live speech outside of the locked doors of Parliament. That was quite the symbol Layton chose, but it helped him along the way. So, I’m just outlining a bit of what happened, though Duceppe and Layton’s words followed the same routine of Stephane Dion arguing against Stephen Harper and his failed minority government.

The whole hour long or so televised special by television networks was interesting, but not important enough for one to be desperate to hear what’s going on. I’m still keen on seeing what happens next!

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