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Coup d’état, Canada!

So as we’ve all heard by the past week that the Conservatives are failing as yet ANOTHER minority government. Stephen Harper laid down the plans to fix the economy which had nothing to do with stimulating the economy to be improved in the first place. This caused the Conservatives to lose confidence in the House and secret talks occurred between the Bloc Quebecois, New Democratic Party, and the Liberals to form a coalition government to topple the failure of a government we currently now have. Together, these three parties hold the majority with 163 seats, while the Conservatives hold a mere 143 in that face. …that’s great.

There is still the chance that we, Canada, can be sent straight back to the polls. Whyyyyy. Why waste more money!? Ugh. Dumb politicians. Either way, we’re all just pissed off at the Conservatives and actually do want this coalition government believe it or not. Three heads are better than one I’d say.  As I’ve said previously in my posts, the Conservatives consist of people who not know what they’re doing, and look; it shows. Stephane Dion though, I unfortunately will have to stick with him being Prime Minister if this follows through; but for only five months or so.

Many people are saying that if the coalition government follows through 100%, this will be the stimulus to hit the economy very hard as we have not yet been hit that badly. And that is true, the latter part at least. i think the new coalition might hit the TSX a bit hard, but it won’t falter all too much. The new government will at least hopefully do something to fix the economy unlike the current Conservative government. Yes yes, such a thing hasn’t happened since the early 19th century, but let’s make history and do it anyways. There’s a low chance that the Governer General will actually speak against it and there is the risk of losing party favours among Canadians, but I think it’s worth the risk.

The economy is in dire crisis, I can see this everyday with rising tuition and the cost of food and other appliances. The Conservatives have offered no confident plan to fix the crisis and I think that if a government cannot serve the people properly, then the government has no right to stay in power. Canadians are tired of minority governments, we really do need a majority government that can actually do anything. Harper made big mistakes, and tried to throw out too much swag, it failed.

And I don’t want people spitting out the crap about BC being a Separatist party; “Canada sleeping with the Separatists?” They can’t do anything to separate anyways, the media is full of BS.

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