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It’s snowing!

<Insert sarcastic yay here>

Welcome to another one of my rants. Today I will rant about winter and how it is cold and  how I do not like it.

I think that sums that up. But rather, let me rant today about the foolish drivers on the roads. I was driving to work just the other day and barely made it through two accidents. Not my fault. At all. I mean it! I’m driving slowly and calmly on icy roads and the first thing that happens is a car skids on the road and pretty much gets totalled. Why? Because some young woman decided it would be wise to make a u-turn. Bad decision that ended up costing her.

I almost make it to work and what happens? Another accident, this one woman for some reason decides to drive in the oncoming traffic lane and boom, head on crash happens. Fortunately, no one was hurt, just shook up.

I had to get to work, couldn’t offer too much help. Yeah yeah, I might not care, but they were fine so I had to leave it at that. Later, when I get home that night, another head on collision happens outside my house. It was loud enough to hear even with my headphones on. I called the police and they arrived, but probably not because of me. There was also a report that a mother and her child were run over somewhere a few kilometers near my place because some driver decided he would speed and try to run a red.

People need to get out of summer mode and into winter mode. There’s plenty of ways these accidents could have been avoided.

1.) Road is icy, so drive slow.

2.) Get winter tires.

3.) Watch the whole road.

4.) Be patient and be calm.

5.) Don’t make sudden turns.

…and plenty more. The season has yet to get worse, and if people don’t realize that winter and all the hazards related to it are here, then even innocent bystanders will get involved. I’m making this into a big deal, but still; I could have been one of those drivers to be involved in any of the horrible accidents that took place that day. The same could happen to you.

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