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It’s Official

Obama is in. When January the 20th comes around. Until then we still have to suffer with Bush.

But this is history right here, for many JFK was the highlight in their life, I think for youths like myself, this is our highlight in our lives. The first black president of the United States of America. With the history of black vs. white in this country, equality I think, has finally shown.

Unfortunately about Obama, he will not be the president everyone hope him to be. A lot of hope is riding on his shoulders, to help the environment, to clean up the two wars of deficit, and most of all, fix the economy the people with their bad credit put into debt.

He can’t do it. We want him to do it in seconds! But that’s impossible even over the course of four years. The Republican mess is much to big to clean so fast. He has great ideals, he is history people, but he is not the president that JFK and many others once were. They did not have to deal with such a terrible mess. On the contrary, if Obama performs yet another miracle, a reelection is in his books, and even more history and praise.

I think that although he wants to meet up to everybody’s expections, he cannot. And I think he himself realizes that and will still try his best. But the people are uneducated and will not understand this. It is quite unfortunate for Obama. I hope everything changes though, a miracle happened through God, hopefully, another comes along soon.

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