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Just yesterday Obama spent $4 million to advertise his infomercial on four major television networks. The infomercial was specially designed to sell him, and his product, the Democratic Party. Many think this whole thing is very controversial because of the money and the brute force involved in airing this infomercial.

All I have to say is that, 30 minutes? Ehh… I’d pass on that. But it is rightly Barack Obama’s choice to air this or not, it is his money after all. If anyone says this is unfair, well… Why didn’t McCain do the same? There is no limit in American politics after all.

I think overall, this infomercial was a bit late. Plus, it could have been better used. Though I don’t know the future, I believe that Obama should air this infomercial once or twice more before the election. But of course, I think he finally may just run out of funds by then. As I was saying about the late part; five days left and he airs it now. I think if he aired it a bit earlier before many voters did advanced voting, he could have won those votes as well.

Anyways, the countdown is still going on and the media is yet a place of propaganda. Let’s see what happens.

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