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Freedom of Speech on the Internet

A new age has dawned upon us. Well, I don’t know about you, but the Internet is still fairly new.

It always brings up the question; should freedom of speech on the Internet be controlled and regulated? Or should we be able to say whatever we want?
Well I think that we as individuals should have the right to do whatever we like on the Internet; with limits. What limits? Well it just comes down to moral code. Such as, abstaining from stealing or hateful comments against another person and the like. Ah well, um, that would be nice if it could ever be controlled. It already happens, yes I know.

I mean take a look at 4Chan, everytime I think of that website and websites like it, I just want the Internet to be policed by a Big Brother kind of system. There is so many hateful comments on the Internet that it is disgusting. There is a certain point at where a joke becomes something upsetting, and many people do not seem to realize that. The Internet has become a place where individuals can rant and spread hate freely without any consequence because, face it, a sucker punch isn’t gonna come out of the computer screen and hit you.

But then again the Internet has given many gifts to the world. We the people are able to access a variety of sources for knowledge and personal development and meet many people with a variety of mindsets that eventually shapes us. When one needs to run away from biased media that only throws fabricated lies at them, one recalls to the Internet to get unbiased views. It is a great technology that has been dawned upon us, yet it is so easily abused.

Therefore, I believe that the Internet should be free to all. Yes terrible things happen here, but people should learn to not wholely trust whatever happens in cyber space. People need to not allow their kids to run freely on the Internet. That is why there are parental programs that can be freely downloaded to protect the mindsets of children or even adults who do not wish to see things such as pornographic material. And there’s another point, if anyone decided to regulate porn distribution on the Internet, I think the world would go haywire.

What do you think on this regularly debated topic? Feel free to post in the comments section if you would like, or just reflect upon it personally.

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