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Conservatives win 16 more seats. Most of them were really what the Liberals lost. Everyone seems to blame Dion for this loss; but I can’t possibly imagine that to be it.

It quite clearly is the massive attack campaigns put forth by the Conservative government. I did not see a single Liberal commercial in the media or anything of that sort by the Liberals to defend themselves.

The NDP did step up with attack ads on the Conservatives, what did they get? More seats in Parliament!

Sad for May to not even be elected. I think she should have just picked another riding and she most likely would have won. Though to say, she got on the debates and got the highest vote counting for the Green Party, which is astounding!

But again, what a waste of an election. Another minority government. The same leader with his same sweater platforms, no care for the environment or people’s jobs. Really, just a Bush lackie. That is $300 million wasted on a foolish and pointless election.

What a waste of everyone’s time.

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