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Canadian Party Leader Debate

Yeah yeah I’m always late on this stuff. Sorry, work and school and laziness =)

Excuses for the win. Anywho, I watched. LAST WEEK. Not on YouTube šŸ™‚

It was a great debate. Very informative, and… I think Jack Layton did a really good job. I loved how Stephen Harper initiated the attack on the Liberal campaign and Stephane Dion; then all of a sudden the other four party leaders completely blasted Harper and the Conservatives for their failure of a government for the past two years. I believe they were right on.

Another thing I believe is that the Conservatives are more and more like the Republicans of the States. Harper and the Conservatives as of yet do not understand the Carbon Tax. I actually got the Liberal campaign booklet and read everything on the Carbon Tax, through every detail and what Dion says was spot on. Although in my last post on the election I said the Carbon Tax was quite useless; I have seen the light! It is a great method to punish those who are to hurt our environment and give back to the people as another benefit. I hope the Conservatives understand this.

Now, another thing I need to add is that… WOW! I am so surprised about Elizabeth May and her Green Party’s platform. It’s quite amazing I must say. I thought as a special interest party environment and a few other things were all the Green Party had, but to my constant undisputed belief; the Green Party had a lot to offer the average Canadian and Elizabeth May fought on par with all the other party leaders. If I had a second party to vote for other than the NDP, it would be the Green Party all the way.

I found the Bloc Quebecois leader Gille Duceppe quite… How should I say, useless? Although he was right about many things, he just seemed like he was unnecessary on the debate table. Though I found him to say that he would never become Prime Minister an admirable thing. At least he knows where he stands and does not act as if he could topple over all other parties with what there is available to the Bloc at this moment.

Now, Harper just got attacked throughout the debate. Of course he is the current government and that is to be expected; but in such an incredulous amount? That I don’t think so. I think Harper and the Conservatives deserved every attack aimed at them. Canada has fallen into deficit and dropped out of one of the best Kyoto protocols and even entered Afghanistan and the Conservatives had the nerve to cut funds to the arts! The arts a major thing to the Canadian people, and the defence or “repair” of Afghanistan was not an interest Canada was so strong to pursue. Canada to many Canadians, myself included has faced away from it’s peaceful presence in the world.

The Conservatives have offered no plan for the next government andĀ  the people are completely lost about the Conservatives. I am appalled to see many die-hard Conservatives tell me that they’re just voting on what the last government was about. I believe Harper should understand what responsibilities he really has. Just becauseĀ  you cut 95, 000 jobs and created 100, 000 is nothing to be proud of. The 95, 000 lost were high paying, good jobs to raise a family on and live a good life. The 100, 000 are labour jobs by working at minimum wage. Harper relied on this so much during the debate, and I was so greatly angered by him just praying on this argument. I don’t think he knows exactly what it’s like to lose a good job and try to find one on par with the last. Another thing is that the new offenders act by Harper is disgusting. Fourteen year olds should NOT spend life in prison with adults. That is conflicting of the rights of a child.

Only one big thought on the Liberals. I like their campaign a lot; and pragmatically, they have fed off very well from the other parties to improve themselves for today’s day and age. But Stephane Dion as the leader is something I do not like. Yes, he is strong in French, but during the debate I could not fully make out whatever he was saying. I think if he wants to see himself as Prime Minister, he needs to improve on his English language skills and better communication with his ideas as I don’t think he can speak of them so well as he should. This might be mean, but guys, this is a candidate for the highest position in our country.

Hehehe… Time to comment on my NDP! Jack Layton! I think he might just cut being a good Prime Minister. It seems over the years he has his platform well memorized and it is very beneficial to the average Canadian. His attacks on the Conservatives were very well done. Why? Because he backed it up with what the NDP would do in exchange. I love the health care plan to get more doctors. It is something stolenĀ  from Cuba, but then again, if it worked in Cuba, then surely of course, it would work in Canada. The CMA is greatly diminishing potential doctors and it is time to get those oldies to realize that public healthcare is the way to go. Private healthcare is not in the interest of Canada.

The debate was very good, and I wish it was longer. Eight questions were not enough. Especially when immigration was not tackled at all; I think this is a major issue that should have been questioned.

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