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Graduation Time; Come On!

About two days ago was my official graduation.

I’ve graduated like months ago really, but it was official with the diploma etc. on Friday. I didn’t really care about getting the diploma or anything or even meeting my friends, which was something I was looking forward to. What struck me after all the formalities and hello’s and the rest was some weirdly deep rooted feeling. It was a feeling described best as, I “grew” up; again. Of course rather than physically, mentally I did.

The feeling told me that my future is still coming, and that I still have to strive for it. From now, it only gets harder and it will never get easier. My friends will no longer always be by my side, my family won’t be either; this time it’s all me and it’s only going to be me. Either I am prepared to face my future or I am fated to fall six feet below the surface.

It was a very happy moment for me in my life. It hasn’t been the first graduation in my time, but it has been the first of many, that I’ve ever felt a sort of sadness and ability to face challenges with courage. It is still something I am reminiscing about. Still trying to understand the feeling more than I can and describe it words. It might just be something only that I know; a feeling that only an individual can know and the rest of the world is oblivious to it.

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