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Canadian Election

Why?! Why do we need to have one? Why are all politicians so redundant about everything?

Well… A while ago Harper dissolved parliament and called an election… Completely going against what he said a few years ago (that he wouldn’t). Really, what do the Conservatives think to accomplish? They are a minority government, and will remain a minority government. This is a completely unecessary election only good for wasting money. Tax payer money. Harper is a complete Bush lackey; it would be nice if he didn’t win, but he will, but my vote isn’t going to him =)

No way do I want Stephane Dion to win either. He’s too much of a whack relying on his carbon tax idea. I don’t it. I’m all about the environment, of course. But how is the carbon tax going to significantly help? It causes smaller companies to lose more money and the larger corporate companies will just pay off the tax. Why give more money to the government when they have billions in store; money that belongs to us; the people. Not to some politicians and their private expenditures.

May May May May… Oh how you are not in the month May.
Oh look, it’s the Green Party leader. Getting your fair  share of sexism today? Really, to accuse the other party leaders of sexism just because they’re all males is idiotic. Perhaps you should have thought a bit that your party is greatly insignificant compared to the major two. The Green Party is too green. It’s way too “healthy” for my liking. I like a little freedom and yes, it’s good for the environment, but the other parties are stepping up and taking a role on the environment. The Green Party just doesn’t cut it with the election.

The Bloc Quebecois… I’m not even going to go there.

Separatism is bad.

NDP! The New Democratic Party of Canada. Ah, there’s the party I want to vote for. Great ideals, sticking up for the little guy, being mean to corporate bastards. And hey, who wouldn’t want an old guy that isn’t afraid of the camera or doesn’t have a heavy French accent to be the PM? I don’t. Surprise? Yeah, same here. I’m all for the NDP, I will be voting for them, but I don’t want Jack Layton to be PM. He just doesn’t seem like the person to take that position; I mean he seems like a nice guy and all. He even went to Quebec to get votes when no one else did!

That’s my take on the election. I’d go for NDP, they’re are a good party and their influence in the Parliament will be to good favour. Again, what a waste of an election.

P.S.: Canada needs more televised debates? TWO?! That is no where close to enough!

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