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Voting Again?!

My neighbour and I were ha ving a conversation the other day about voting. About Pakistani, American, and Canadian politics and the elections. One thing from that conversation I have to mention is that people are not voting seriously. Say – let’s go into Canadian politics. For example, there are three parties, the Liberals, Conservatives, and the Green Party.

Normally, many people would love to vote for the Green Party as they want to be healthy and the beliefs are great. But the people fear that if they vote for the Green Party and the Conservatives win, their vote is wasted. Why? Because such individuals do not like the Conservatives and their views and they think they are better off with the Liberals. Which in turn makes them vote Liberal.

PEOPLE! In any election, your vote is never wasted! Stick to your beliefs and they will follow through. If we decide to vote for such party because we want them and they follow our beliefs, then vote for them. This is because other people think the same; and who knows? That party just might win!!

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