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Lame People

Oh dear Lord… There is a curse or something on me; I swear. For some reason I always end up with people who love pissing me off. Especially this one person who is a perfect example of most people (I won’t give out the name). She apparently thinks so big of herself every time.

And… she’s my ex-girlfriend so I can see why she loves pissing me off. At times she’ll act like she’s the only person in the world that has ever been hurt. At other times she will act like only she knows what a friend is. She rants to me everyday and tries to nose into my life.

She really is an insecure idiotic buffoon. I’m sorry that I’m insulting her so much (more to follow), but I want to rant somewhere rather than in her face. I mean, she’s just such a moraless loner that it makes me pity her (and she’s emo…). There are so many people out there in worse situations yet she wants to make herself the highlight of everything.

I mean who the Hell randomly calls you and starts laughing at you because you decided to start university a year later than everyone else in your graduate class? That’s just plain rude. And for her information, when I’m done with university, at least I won’t have a large loan to pay off because I’m taking the year to work (seeing as I already got offers from major universities in Canada while she’s off at a small pathetic one). She even has the nerve to talk bad about my friends and call me of all people a low life.

She’s not the only person with such a rancid personality. I’m very kind with people and don’t like making anyone angry and treat them with respect if I get it in turn. Completely the opposite if I don’t get respect. It just angers me that there’s people who have the worst kind of egos and have no human decency at all.

Most of all; I think people need to understand what a joke is. I joke around a lot, a little too much I guess but I make it quite obvious and that you have to be a retard to not notice. Talking face-to-face it’s pretty easy to know I’m joking but I guess it gets harder on the Internet. But honestly, even on the Internet, I use SO much sarcasm that it is downright obvious to know I’m joking. And people all of a sudden get defensive and angry etc. Chill pl0x. The Internet really is serious business. I just wish people in the world were smarter.

I’m sort of getting lost right now… I was angrier when I began this post and now I’m calm and want to watch the next episode of Gantz because it’s just so awesome =P

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