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McCain’s New VP?

Well well well. The Republicans decide to step it up a notch and nominate Sarah Palin as their new Vice President.

Smart? Good? Bad? Err… Let’s go back a bit. Is she really prepared to handle the job? Many people call her inexperienced and not fit for the job. I think she might be quite experienced, I mean, she WAS the governer of Alaska at one time (sarcasm alert). For some reason, just by having the Republican affiliation, I don’t want to even look at her and her views at all. Though, be calm, I have looked through them.

Kudos to McCain though, he just got a large number of Hillary’s lost votes. So many frustrated men and women (women mostly) refused to support Obama, who has almost the same parallel views Hillary contains. And so many are expected to vote for McCain because he’s got a woman in charge. Makes a lot of sense to me feminazis.

Back to the topic at hand. Did it veer off course? I apologize. Palin has a great track record and does seem quite qualified for the job. But she seems quite absent minded on what exactly a vice president does. Well, for one, you pretty much rule the world only second to your boss. Palin has an amazing approval rating in office and it seems she might just share this with McCain.

Sarah Palin does like the environment and it is covering Alaska mainly. It is a good plus that she cares and that she has the right area. But it is quite confusing when she clearly rejected polar bears to be considered an endangered species. I’d say she’s a good decision to rake in the votes from lost Hillary supporters, but a bad idea for the future of North America.

P.S.: Oh… And would you look at that? Now, before I begin. I don’t want to comment on how parents raise their child as that sets off quite a lot of fireworks. But I DO know that when your daughter gets pregnant at 17 and then you yourself (mother per say) try to cover it up by saying you’re pregnant; you’re a bad parent. Quite rightly, possibly not a very good role model for your country.

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