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Here I Am!

Some of you may be wondering (I hope) where I’ve been for almost a week.

I will tell you. I’ve been in Kingston. Not Jamaica, but the Kingston in Canada. Why? Well my uncle just had emergency surgery on Thursday around his neck and spinal cord. Apparently a bone or two were squeezing a few nerves which caused him excruciating pain and disallowed him from moving or even eating.

His operation went smoothly and he is expected to return home on Tuesday (with months of rehab following that). Although I am expected to return home tomorrow evening. Sorry for not having anything new, but this was short notice and family over blog as I always say! =D

Oh, and it seems like it is Sep. the 1st, and therefore… It is Ramadan Mubarak! I am a Muslim and this is the month of fasting for all Muslims out there. Muslim or non-Muslim, Happy Fasting!

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