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Two In One!

This first poem is basically remembering the friendship and desiring for it to return before a relationship or a breakup ever occurred which left both parties feeling distanced.


How long has it been since we loved each other?
Your flair and my fragrance compiled together.

How long has it been since we talked to each other?
I’ve tried to interest you but you take no notice.

I care not for the love that stopped between us,
All I care now is for you to acknowledge me.

I don’t care what you do with your life,
I just want us to be friends yet again.


This poem is simply about the jealousy of watching a friend be close to the girl you’ve broken up with very recently as you and the girl just cannot talk amidst the awkwardness.


~ What’s with you?
You know the past of my life and her’s,
You know the problems I face even now,
What’s your problem?
Do you have to remind me of the pain,
Should I desperately commit suicide?
Stop mentioning her name,
Don’t mention the fact that you can say hello,
While I sit here listening to you brag about it.

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