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Me? Rat?

Ugh. This is so annoying! I’m being accused of being a rat.

Gosh. Never in my life have I ever turned my back on someone. I’ve always found a way to not betray anyone and set things right. My middle name means “mediator” and therefore I get into these situations. But I hate being termed a rat because someone tells on someone else, and since I’m apparently the only person present, I get the blame for it.

Can’t help it can I? I guess I can just try and do what I can and watch from the sides as well. The end sets everything right doesn’t it? I can’t remember the exact quote for this though, sorry.

Worst of all, I’m being accused of being a rat by a friend… Not a good friend of mine (so it seems), but I would have appreciated the friendship anyways. Just sucks that whenever I pull myself into these situations I worsen things for myself. Sends me into a greatly depressive mood (not really, but I should get to be sad sometimes =/). The one calling me a rat, for her, I’ve lost such respect for what she’s done. I’ve done so much as to resist my honest side and keep my mouth shut, that only silently I can lose respect for her and close some ties (not to mention she’s not the only one).

Pathetic rant, but what can I do. Have to get this out somewhere. Though I have to find out how to get out of this situation I put myself into. Well, perhaps I will figure something out.

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