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Oh yes… The most fearful, firefighting gashing topic!

I just want to concern this post to the people. Do you realize what you’re doing? You’re ruining society for all of us. Yes. YOU. It is your idiocy that does this because you aren’t doing your research. Now, before you get so tempermental, I don’t mean everyone. If you do your research, and find that the politician you want to vote for is one that you think is right then go ahead and vote for them; NOT because the media is brainwashing you with commercials, but because you yourself worked to see the politician in his/her true light.

Okay. To the people who don’t do research… Start to do some? Why do you think politicians make their promises and never keep them? Because they want to satisfy you! They want your vote! A true politician should BEG for your vote, not say one thing and get it the next. Society has become so uneducated and brainwashed by the media that any rich bastard(s) can get what he/she wants. We’re blinded by our own selfish wants and needs that we don’t look at the consequences of them. Then we go and blame the politicians about all the promises that didn’t come true (I’d blame myself than the politicians).

Most politicians have lived a luxurious life from the beginning of their entry into the world or have finally started it after. These are lawyers, doctors and other “high classed” citizens. People like the local city officials are the one’s that have lived the life of an average Joe and know how to be honest and truthful to their words.

And there are other politicians who live a life of great respect, admiration and morals (too bad Ron Paul didn’t beat out the rest eh?). Unfortunately the more uneducated population votes for the Bush imitations. We don’t want something like that again do we? So people; please do your research and choose the right guy. Make your own choices; better to be lead by the voice inside your head than the voice inside the TV.

P.S.: This isn’t necessarily aimed at Americans, since the beginning I’ve aimed at all nationalities, so please don’t disregard this because you’re not American.

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