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The Girl With The Brown Hair

All I know is that after I was done with my club activities. She appeared, as if she was waiting for me the whole time. As I was about to walk home with my friends, she gently asked, if I would walk her home. I couldn’t say no, and so I agreed. I was glad, that she had that desire for me, I was happy, to walk beside her. As we walked, we talked about different things, possibly things no one else in our age group would ever have interest in. As I responded to her comment, I turned my head to the left, and was blazingly swept off my feet.
It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my life. The wind was whisping around us, and billowed through her hair. Her soft, gentle brown hair flew, and as she attempted to repair it, I only saw the wonder around her. The sun was beginning to set, the orange and yellow colour was a glow amidst her. This splendid sight I beheld, was as if a painter had professionally added fine detail.
Her grayish blue eyes looked into mine, and I peered into hers, I felt my longing for her grow stronger. This is the same memory I recollect almost everyday… I just want to see the face of that girl once again, I want to know the identity of the one I placed upon a pedestal. I wish I could throw this bashful picture away, so as I would never have to remember the past again. I can wish however most I like, but the past will not return. I could live in blissful ignorance, but even fantasies have an end.

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