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The 2008 Olympics

Okay. It’s sort of based on that, but really, this is a rant about the hippies boycotting the olympics. And this post is really late (first post yay!). You know, if you really hate China that much, instead of boycotting the olympics, why not boycott everything China sends out everyday?! Take off that “Made in China” shirt, pants, shoes, yes, even the underwear (check the tag). Take out that China in you never use, and probably the chair/bed (laptop peeps) you’re sitting/sprawling on.

You guys honestly don’t make sense. You guys are the new consumer revolutionists. Smarten up (because those wearing Che Guevera tees sure didn’t). To those true revolutionists, who aren’t getting anything made by China (at all), kudos to you. I have deep respect for you and wish you and your beliefs well.

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