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So, first post (second post technically).

I’ll introduce myself. I’m Ahmed Minhas, a student at the moment with just my rants and thoughts of randomness that I’ll put here for my own record. I’ll include short stories, poetry, reviews etc. Just whatever is on my head.

Hobbies? PC gaming (I don’t own many consoles), photoshopping, writing (duh), umm… Okay. Seriously, I do a lot of stuff. Just ask as I’m pretty open minded.

I’m random. Because I’m cool like that.

Oh if you’re wondering about the “Masernaut” thing, it stems from a nick I have “Masy” which stems from another thing and this won’t make sense at all because it is an inside joke. Best I had said that than waste these joules of energy =/

That reminds me. I hate math.

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